Saturday, April 8, 2017

Outfit Ideas for Easter 2017

As a kid, I loved Easter. Not for the baskets or the egg hunts, but for the new clothes. Even though egg hunts and baskets were great additions, nothing beat going to the store and picking out a frilly new dress and pretty new shoes. One year, I even got a hat to match my dress. I still love to dress up, though not as frilly as I used to. Like Christmas, there is something wonderful about dressing up for Easter. Granted, I have a tendency to be rather girly and dressing up for special occasions- and I mean very special occasions- is my thing.
I took a moment to flip back the pages of time and compiled a brief list of some of my favorite ways to get dressed up for Easter.

The lighter, almost childish, shade of our favorite colors are the back drop of spring. They seem to say Easter is here and add a fresh quality to our wardrobe. For those of us in our late twenties and older, we do have to be careful. Pastels have a tendency to make us look childish, and not in a good way. Pastels in small doses, are recommended. Keep these fresh spring colors limited to your accessories. Feeling the pastel vibes, I paired a robins egg blue wrap sweater with a light gray lace bodice camisole, blush pink skirt, and silver sequin shoes.

(ignore the lap top. I was "watching" some old episodes of TLCs What Not to Wear while writing this post.:) )

Recently I have had an overwhelming desire for florals. They are a great way to add visual interest to your wardrobe. This year, the floral trend has been focused on big prints. On Easter Sunday, nothing beats a great floral printed top, skirt, or dress. Having recently jumped on the floral print band wagon (especially since large bold florals are hot this spring)I paired this wonderful navy and pink floral skirt with a sunshine yellow short sleeve sweater, and a pair of silver sequin flats.

I love color and the more saturated the better. Last year I wore fuchsia and a lime mint green top. It was fabulous. I intend to keep the tradition alive. While pastels are the back drop of spring, bright colors bring it to life. Bored with pastels, reach for the Kelly green, the orange, and the fuchsia. Since I am a fan of bright saturated colors, I reached for a fabulous bright sea green sweater and hot pink scarf. I off set the bright top and scarf with an almond tan gingham skirt and silver shoes- although white shoes would look fabulous with this outfit as well.

What are some of your favorite ways to dress up for Easter?

Friday, April 7, 2017

Styling Stripes

Recently, I purchased a couple of striped maxi skirts. I have developed quite a penchant for stripes and are found in most of my recently clothing purchases. When I found these gems, I knew I wanted to add them to my wardrobe. As with any impulse purchase, I began to wonder how to style them. I did a bit of research, dug through my closet, and began experimenting. After some trial and error, I created a few outfits that I rather enjoy.
My first tip in styling a striped skirt is to think of it as a solid color. If your skirt is black and white, think of it as a solid neutral- all white or all black. If your skirt has color in it, think of it as all one solid color. One of the skirts I purchased is coral and white. Therefore, it is safer for me to think of this skirt as being all coral. This will make finding tops for my skirt easier.

Black and White.
1. Bright Pink and mint
. Black and pink simply go together. With a hint of a softer color, the black and pink combination now takes on a more cohesive look.

2. White and Metallics. Black and white are a classic look. The stripes with this skirt take a classic look and make it more casual and the gold metallic embellishment adds visual interest.

3. Denim and Green. Denim jackets or a fitted chambray top are an essential for every woman's wardrobe. It takes a great striped skirt and makes it very casual. Pairing it with a tank top in a saturated color, I chose green, ties the outfit together.

Coral and White.
1. Navy.
Coral and Navy are a classic color combination. They scream spring. I styled this skirt for work with a simple, plain navy blue 3/4 sleeve sweater.

2. Mint and yellow. I went causal for this look. light mint tee with a sweet, sunshine yellow tank create a sweet, cohesive look for a Saturday at home.

3. Aqua and Raspberry. I also went super causal for this look. The concept of this color pairing was to take two colors coral and raspberry- colors that are near each other on the color wheel- and bring them together with a coordinating color; aqua. I love how the raspberry and coral play well together.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Four Ways to Style a Chiffon Skirt

Earlier this month, Dainty Jewells released their spring collection. Their collection featured many dresses, tops, and skirts which are more appropriate for formal situations. I love this, because it can be very difficult to find modest clothes that are appropriate for formal situations. I have purchased a few of their clothes before and have been very happy with each purchase. Recently, I purchased their Fluttering Fancy Skirt in blush pink.

I have worn it once and fell in love with it. While the skirt is definitely geared towards formal attire, I set about trying to find a few ways in which it can be dressed up and dressed down.

Dressed up:
Navy and Florals. Since Easter is around the corner, I kept this in mind as I looked for ways to dress up this skirt. I decided to go with florals. I paired it with a navy blue blouse with a feminine floral print. Although shoes are not featured, this outfit could be completed with a pair of white high heels or a pair of silver flats. Likewise, a similar type blouse in white or in mint would look beautiful.

Navy Stripes. Likewise, I went with navy. There is something about navy and blush that is sophisticated. The fabric of the navy and cream striped blouse is just as breezy as the chiffon skirt. The perfect pair of shoes would be a pair of flats in either silver, white, or black.

Dressed Down:
I am all about mileage. Dressing up only happens once or twice a year for me. Therefore, I want to get the most out of my clothes. As I was styling this skirt, I created two ways in which this skirt can be dressed down.

Burgundy Stripes. I have a thing for stripes. As I was thinking about how to dress down this skirt, stripes were the first thing that came to mind. I pulled out my burgundy and cream striped tee. Easy peasey. Dressed down. Paired with a pair of flats or a pair of sandals, this outfit could be worn at home, to church, or out for coffee. You would not have to go strictly with burgundy stripes; olive, navy, and black would also suffice.

Tanks and Chambray. What is more casual than chambray? Nothing, as far as I am concerned. The second way I dressed down this chiffon number was with a patterned tank top and a button down chambray shirt. The pattern tank is in a similar color family as the blush pink. I love the rich color contrast between the two shades of pink. Both are tied together with the medium wash denim shirt. With a pair of great flats, this outfit can go from running errands to grabbing lunch with friends.

I highly recommend this skirt to all women. It is surprisingly versatile and incredibly feminine. It is worth every cent of the 64.95 dollar price tag.

Spring Break!

I am off work this week and enjoying every minute of it. When I don't have to work, I love to knit and crochet. My current project is an interlocking rings blanket in pink and white. I am about half way finished with the blanket.

When I am not at work, I still like to look nice, but I want to be comfortable. The best way to do this, is with a simple denim skirt, a plain tee and a fun jacket. One of the outfits I wore this week features a short sleeve coral sweater, and a navy floral print bomber jacket. It is casual and comfortable to wear around the house, but nice enough for me to run out of the house if I need to pick up some groceries.

Are you on Spring Break? If so, what are your favorite ways to dress nice, but comfortable?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Brightening Up Spring

Even though we are half way through March, it feels like winter has not let go. Although the air has slightly warmed up, it has not warmed up enough for the spring gear we all long to wear. The skies are cloudy, dark, and it does nothing but rain. Sound familiar? It is enough to make you reach for the end of winter wear and the dark colors. I challenge to steer clear. When I am tempted to reach for the deep hues of winter, I pause a moment and then reach for one of my four favorite spring time colors: chartreuse, magenta, turquoise, and kelly green.

Chartreuse. As far as I am concerned nothing says spring (or summer) like this vibrant lime green. It pairs well with chambray and navy. I love pairing it with a navy and white striped tee, a light jacket, and a pop of silver.

Magenta. I love rich and elegant hue of magenta. It is vibrant and fresh. Magenta pairs well with navy, gray, silver, and patterns. I paired this magenta denim skirt with a silver blouse and a pair of giraffe print flats.

Turquoise. Like chartreuse, turquoise screams spring (and summer). It is bold, tropical, and festive. You cannot help but feel like it springtime, even when the weather is cold. I love the combination of coral and turquoise together. I especially love how the gold embossed pineapples add a sweet extra dimension to the outfit.

Kelly green. Kelly green is the perfect shade for spring and the perfect shade for March. It is peppy, bright, and harkens to fresh green grass. It also happens to be the perfect shade of green for St. Patrick's Day. With March 17th in mind, I paired my kelly green denim skirt with a white tee decorated with a gold bow, and a pair of black flats.

Don't let the weather get you down. It is springtime after all! Let's embrace the bright, bold colors of spring like we do every year, even if the weather is not as cheery.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Valentine's Day Outfits that are not Red

It is hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For many of us, regardless of our relationship status, this means it is party time. This also means that red will be our go to color for all of our outfits. While red is a great color for the holiday, wouldn’t it be nice if you could stand out in a sea of red? I think so. With this in mind, I dug through my closet and created four outfits that have nothing to do with the color red.

#1. Royal Purple. After doing an internet search for popular Valentine’s Day colors, that were not red, this deep shade of purple came it close to the top. I love the concept of a deep purple in exchange for red. It is still festive and still romantic. I paired this royal purple denim skirt with a white and gold tee, and a pair of silver sequin shoes.

#2. Hot Pink. I yield to pink. Although pink is second on the list of colors for Valentine’s Day, I love this spin on it. We normally associate hot pink with the hot days of summer. However, for Valentine’s Day hot pink screams fun and fabulous. I paired a short sleeve hot pink sweater with an eggshell white skirt and a bright white scarf.

#3. Silver. I am drawn to silver more than I am drawn to gold, especially as a metallic and neutral. Even though I have never been in a relationship or consider myself romantic, I find that silver is a far more romantic color than gold. I paired silver with Royal Blue, and blush pink for a unique and festive look.

#4. Lavender. Lavender is subtle yet festive this time of year. It heralds to the coming of spring, but is sweet enough for love. For Valentine’s Day, I decided to use lavender in two shades: light and heathered. The heathered lavender appears darker but provides excellent contrast between the lighter shade of lavender and the black and white of the skirt.

I hope these outfits provide you with a some last minute inspiration, no matter how you celebrate the holiday. What are some of your favorite non red Valentine's Day color combinations?

Sunday, February 12, 2017

3 Ways to Wear a Blazer

If you’re a member of the white collar work force, a blazer is a necessary closet staple. Actually, owning two or three blazers is a necessity. Blazers pull together a professional look, especially as a suit. However, blazers go just beyond the cubical and board room. It is time to break up the uniform of the matching blazer/skirt/pants suit.

1. Wear it as a separate. Take the black blazer from your suit set and pair it with a charcoal skirt, or a navy skirt, or a white skirt. Do the same with your charcoal or navy blazer. It is perfectly fine to mix neutrals. Besides, breaking up a blazer and pairing it with other neutrals gives it a fresh look. I liked the idea of eggshell and charcoal. The red brings the two neutrals together while providing an appropriate work place outfit.

2. Wear it with colored denim. Depending on your job, this is a great way to dress up denim without breaking the work place dress code. It is also a great way to go from day to date with minimal effort. Pink is one of my favorite colors. I liked the concept of magenta with a printed blouse with a hint of shimmer paired with a charcoal blazer. This is perfect for mid-week work.

3. Pair it with dark denim and a graphic tee. This screams the weekend to me. A nice graphic tee, with a hint of shimmer, paired with a dark wash denim skirt, a charcoal blazer, and a great pair of flats is absolutely divine. If you’re feeling brave, wear a colored blazer in a complementary color to your tee or shoes. Instant weekend look. For this look I paired a light wash denim skirt, a hot pink graphic tee and a charcoal blazer.

Do you wear blazers. If so, what are some of your favorite ways to wear them?