Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Four Seasons of Deep Teal

Deep teal, which is the jewel tone cousin of a lighter summer teal. While, normally associated with fall and winter, deep teal can transition into summer and spring when carefully and intentionally styled. While summer teal is light hearted and fun, deep teal airs on the side of elegance and sophistication. Even with these airs, deep teal can be dressed down and worn all year round.

1. Chambray and Denim. Denim, particularly in a dark wash, accomplishes two things stylistically. First, dark wash denim grows up a look. It makes the wearer look more mature, more professional, and more put together. Secondly, dark wash denim matches the rich hue of deep teal.

The outfit I created works well regardless of the season. I paired my deep teal denim skirt with a dark wash chambray button down shirt layered with a white tank top with a black and gold metallic arrow print. I completed the outfit with a pair of black flats.

2. Neutrals. You can never go wrong with a neutral. For this particular shade of deep teal, all the neutrals are on the table; black, white, charcoal, taupe, camel, and cognac.

Spring/Summer: I focused on spring and summer with this outfit idea. I paired a white tee with a gold sequin bow with a watermelon cardigan. I completed the outfit with a pair of silver sequin shoes.

3. Color Blocking. Chocolate Brown, Silver, Deep Rose, Mustard/Sunflower, Violet, Orange, or watermelon. All of which wear well throughout the year.

Autumn/Winter: I focused on early autumn with this ensemble. I paired a pumpkin orange 3/4 sleeve tee with a raspberry scarf, copper head wrap, and silver sequin shoes. For winter, I would swap out the flats for a pair of dark brown boots.

Spring/Summer: I went bold by contrasting my deep teal denim skirt with a orange dolman top. I completed the look with a pair of tan flats and a chambray head wrap.

4. Patterns. Keep things fresh all year long with black and white polka dots,florals, navy and burgundy plaid (winter and fall), or a fierce animal print. Paired with the appropriate seasonal accessories and completer pieces, like a great leather jacket or a cute cardigan you can seamless switch up from winter to spring.

Autumn/ Winter option #1: For winter, I paired a navy and burgundy plaid tee with a cranberry scarf, navy blue head wrap and a black boots.

Autumn/Winter option #2: Another autumn/winter outfit concept is to pair a rose pink floral print blouse with a mustard jacket. I completed the look with faux leather flats and a copper head wrap.

Autumn/Winter option#3: For the last autumn/winter look, I paired a black and white polka dot tee with an army green jacket and black lace up flats.

Spring/Summer: For the warmer months, I lived up the richness of my deep teal denim skirt with a vibrant floral print blouse in tropical hues with a pair of beaded sandals.

5. Shimmer. Shimmer adds pinache and interest to an outfit. During the winter season shimmer and metallic make an outfit special for the holidays. During spring and summer it adds fantastic visual interest especially if it color blocked with a fantastic contrasting color. I recommend silver, cream, champagne, or copper.

New Ways to Style Mint

Mint is a sweet take on pastel green. This soft shade translates well through winter and spring. As I began styling this wonderful shade of green, I was disheartened only to see three ways to style mint denim: navy blue stripes, black, and chambray. Not that these are bad, they are actually quite lovely and inspired a few of my outfits. However, there has to be more. I dug down deep, returned to my four favorite rules of color, pattern, texture, and shine (thank you Stacy and Clinton)to expand my mint denim horizons.

1. Metallics. Metallics act as a neutral. Silver and copper play very wells with mint. Paired with a jewel toned cardigan or a rich faux leather jacket creates a festive winter or sophisticated fall ensemble. Left on its own, or with a light denim jacket creates a sweet spring outfit.

Autumn/Winter: I paired my mint denim skirt with a silver blouse that has a metallic pink thread woven throughout the blouse. Feeling a bit festive, I completed the look with a pair of black booties and a cranberry cardigan.

Spring/Summer: For a fresh spring and summer look, I paired mint denim with the same silver blouse with a pair of tan flats and a pale pink head wrap.

2. Stripes. Stripe tops are a fabulous casual piece to have in any wardrobe. To pair with mint, I love the combination of navy and cream. However, there are more colors that work with mint beyond navy and cream. Try lavender and cream, burgundy and white, black and white, or go bold with mustard and orange.

Autumn/Winter: I went with a semi analogous look by pairing mint denim with a gray and pine green rugby striped sweater, gray boots, and a forest green head wrap.

Spring/Summer: Since navy and cream stripes are so common with mint denim, I wanted to steer away from this popular spring time look. Instead, I played up the pastel shade by pairing and semi color blocking with a lavender and white striped short sleeve sweater. I layered the sweater with a light gray metallic camisole, and silver flats.

3.Florals. Florals, regardless of hue, are a classic staple of any wardrobe which translates well between seasons. As with styling colored denim for all seasons, match the hues for the seasons. Now there are ways to take a floral printed blouse for spring and style it for autumn. Simply pair it with a faux leather jacket.

Autumn/Winter: I wanted to keep early fall in mind as I created this outfit. I took a pink floral print blouse, (that would work well in spring and summer as well), and paired it with an apple cider red cocoon cardigan. I completed the look with brown boots and a chambray head wrap.

Spring/Summer: I lightened up and freshened up my floral theme by pairing a white blouse with navy and coral flowers with my mint denim skirt, a medium wash denim jacket, a pink head wrap, and chambray shoes.

4. Neutrals. Neutrals in every color are fantastic with mint. Charcoal, chocolate, and black create a striking and sophisticated contrast. White, taupe, and camel create a sweet and gentle ensemble. Navy blue is both striking, cohesive, and sophisticated.

Autumn/Winter: I got cozy in my mint denim skirt by pairing it with a 3/4 sleeve charcoal cowl neck sweater. I accented the sweater and mint with a deep rose lace camisole. I completed the look with a rose head wrap and black booties.

Spring/Summer: I wanted to create a stark and unique contrast with my mint denim skirt. I paired it with a short sleeve navy blue sweater accented by a summer rose camisole. I complete the look with a pair of silver sequin flats.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Christmas Green to Grass Green: Green Demin throughout the Year

Christmas Green
What is more Christmas-y than a rich shade of green? Christmas green is a true hue of green that simply shouts evergreen and holly leaves. This rich shade of green is not limited to December, but moves well from season to season. This "grass green", as I call it in the spring and summer seasons, plays well with vibrant prints and bold colors. I have created a list of four ways in which this wonderful hue of green can be styled through out the year in a variety of ways.

1. Color Blocking. There are so many colors that work with green. Yellows, reds, blues, purples, and pinks to name a few. The key to color blocking is to pay attention to complimentary, secondary, and contrasting colors. From season to season it is also important to keep the shades appropriate for the season. For Autumn and Winter, I like deep rich hues like cranberry, golden rod, plum, magenta, rose, earthen, royal blue, and terra cotta. For Spring and Summer, I like ducky yellow, royal blue, coral, melon, lavender, and watermelon.

Autumn/Winter: For this outfit I paired my green denim skirt with a cranberry cowl neck sweater, black boots, a white faux fleece vest and a white shimmer scarf.

Spring/Summer: I wanted to embrace the lightness of spring with ducky yellow. This outfit feature green denim color blocked with a ducky yellow short sleeve sweater and a pair of tan flats.

All year round: Royal blue is one color that looks great with green no matter what the season. With this in mind, I color blocked a royal blue short sleeve sweater with silver flats and a navy blue head wrap with my green denim skirt.

2. Floral print. Floral prints are fantastic not matter which season you are in. Like color blocking, keep the floral hues appropriate for each season.

Autumn/Winter: I paired my green denim skirt with a dusty brown floral print blouse, a dusty cranberry cardigan, a pair of brown boots, and a cranberry head wrap.

Spring/Summer: For this outfit, I keep it sweet and fresh with a navy and coral floral print top paired with a medium wash denim jacket, and a pair of tan flats.

3. Prints. Whether they are animal prints, polka dots, plaids, or graphic prints, prints are fantastic. Granted depending on the fabric and hues anyone one of these prints can be worn all year round. Therefore, I have created several options to be worn for particular seasons and simply throughout the year.

Autumn/Winter option 1: I paired a light gray sweater with a deer graphic print with my green denim skirt, a pair of brown boots, nutmeg brown head band and a butterscotch colored scarf.

Autumn/Winter option 2: I paired my green denim skirt with a cranberry and navy plaid tee, cranberry lace camisole, black boots and a charcoal head wrap.

Spring/Summer: For spring and summer, I paired a cute pineapple graphic tank with a watermelon pink cardigan, a pair of sandals, and an apple green head wrap.

All year round option 1: Since many patterns can be worn all year round, I played that up in this outfit. I paired an olive green and cream tee with my green denim skirt, a medium wash denim jacket, and a pair of black flats.

All year round option 2: With this outfit, I paired a black and white smock bottom blouse in a cheetah print. I completed the look with a pair of silver flats and a navy blue head wrap.

4. Chambray. A simple chambray button down shirt, denim jacket with a great blouse or printed tee, or a chambray vest, all look fantastic with a green denim skirt.

Autumn/Winter: For this outfit, I paired my green denim skirt with a printed navy blue tank and a chambray button down shirt, and a pair of chambray flats. For colder weather, swap the flats for a cute pair of gray or brown boots.

Spring/Summer: In warmer weather, I paired my green denim skirt with a polka dot tee and a chambray vest. I completed the look with a pair of chambray flats and a navy blue head wrap.

Pseudo Slate Blue

Slate is one of those colors often referred to as a pseudo-neutral. It functions like a deep, icy shade of blue, yet contains enough gray undertones to remain a neutral. As a pseudo-neutral, slate blue can be worn all year round. For Autumn and Winter, slate blue is a fabulous color to wear. During the warmer months of Spring and Summer, I like to brighten it up quite a bit.

1. Gray. Charcoal is a fantastic color that plays well into the richness of slate blue and brings out its icy blue hue. Perfect for the cooler seasons. Likewise, a light heather gray or shimmery silver are fantastic match regardless of the season. White and camel play well with slate blue and give it a softer touch. While white and tan or camel work as well, gray plays well with the undertones of this particular hue, and brings out the blue.

1. For Autumn/Winter: I decided to play up the softness of the blue by pairing it with a white sweater with a fox print graphic. I accented the outfit with nutmeg brown head wrap and dark brown boots. For a jacket one could either wear charcoal or chocolate brown leather, or a mustard or olive green jacket.

2. For Spring/Summer: In the warmer seasons, I like the idea of accenting neutrals and pseudo-neutrals with a nice pop of color. I paired a charcoal 3/4 sleeve tee with slate blue denim, a mint lace camisole, a coral head wrap, and a pair of coral flats.

2. Prints. I found this one to be a bit tricky. Plaid works well, but does over do the darkness. Black and white polka dots are fine as well. Floral is always a safe bet, although it is advisable to match the tone for the season. Animal prints are perfect regardless of the season and can be adjusted with a cardigan or light jacket for spring, or a leather jacket for winter.

1. Autumn/Winter: I kept the print simple in this outfit. I paired a cream 3/4 sleeve sweater with my slate blue denim skirt. I accepted it with a mauve scarf and brown boots. Where is the print? I played up complimentary colors by pairing a plum and gold paisley head wrap with the outfit to enhance visual interest.

2. Spring/Summer: Keeping visual interest at the heart of the ensemble, I kept my outfit simple and sweet. I paired my slate blue denim skirt with a vibrant floral print blouse, and a pale blush pink denim jacket. I completed the outfit with a pair of tan flats and a bright green head wrap that matches the green in the blouse.

3. Color, color, color. Since slate blue is so versatile with color. Jewel tones, pastels, bright, or true colors, it does not matter. For Autumn and Winter I kept my focus on mustard, mauve, wine, forest green, and cranberry. For spring and summer, I love coral, melon, gold, teal, bright green, mint, true purple, and grape.

1. Autumn/Winter: I made slate blue the back drop on which to pair a lovely 3/4 sleeve forest green sweater. I accented it with a white shimmer scarf and a copper shimmer head band. The outfit is complete with a pair of knee high gray boots.

2. Spring/Summer: Since late spring and early summer tends to be filled with job seekers filling out applications and sitting for interviews, I styled this outfit as a simple and sweet mid-week work or interview outfit. I paired a melon pink blouse with an aqua blazer, silver flats, and a floral head wrap.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Styling a Royal Blue Denim Skirt

Royal blue, sometimes called cobalt, is a deep rich blue somewhere between navy blue and a true blue. It is a fabulous intense color, but it can look tricky color to style. Never let looks fool you, especially with royal blue. This rich deep color is much easier to style than it appears.
1. Neutrals. After trial and error, I determined that the three best neutrals to pair with royal blue are black, white, and charcoal. Each fit the majestic and rich hue of blue. I kept my outfit simple by pairing my royal blue denim skirt with a charcoal knit blouse, and a pair of silver sequin shoes. For fall and winter it is simple to replace the sequin shoes with a pair of black or gray boots.

2. Patterns. Beyond neutral patterns of black and white animal prints and black and white stripes, patterns were a bit trickier to pair with royal blue. Either the pattern had to be subdued to make this deep blue the focal color, or the pattern had to equal the deep blue in its intensity. One such way of pairing bright patterns with royal blue is with this vibrant floral print top. Another way is by pairing a soft pink painterly blouse with royal blue. I created three outfits for this section.

#1: Florals. For this outfit, I decided to match the color saturation of the blue in my skirt with the color saturation of my top. I did this by pairing a vibrant floral print top with my royal blue skirt. This creates cohesion and adds visual interest. I anchored the outfit with a medium wash denim jacket, and a pair of tan flats.

#2: pale pink. I played up the intensity of my royal blue skirt by pairing it with a soft pink blouse with a painterly print. I completed the outfit with a tan jacket and silver sequin shoes.

#3: neutral prints. Neutral prints of white and black play well with royal blue. I kept fall and winter in mind with this outfit by pairing a black and white striped sweater with my royal blue skirt, and a pair of silver sequin flats. For the winter days that are cold and snowy, a pair of black or gray boots replace the silver flats.

3. Color blocking. When it comes to color blocking, I am of the opinion that color blocking with royal blue requires a top that shares in the same color saturation. It must be deep and intense. Two of my top favorite colors to pair with royal blue are coral and teal. When color blocking with such intense colors, I like to keep my accessories in neutrals in order to anchor the outfit and provide cohesion. For this outfit, I color blocked my royal blue denim skirt with a coral tee with gold foil pineapples for a casual look. I completed the look with a medium wash denim jacket and a pair of tan flats.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sky Blue 4 Ways

Sky blue is a soft pseudo neutral. Like burgundy and mustard, sky blue essentially goes with everything. Like the standard neutrals (black, brown, navy, gray, and white), pseudo neutrals can be worn year round. Pseudo neutrals like burgundy and mustard are often reserved for fall and winter, whereas sky blue is usually reserved for spring and summer. While I try to style pseudo neutrals and neutrals for year round wear, I have decided to follow tradition and show you how to style a sky blue denim skirt for spring and summer.

1. Color Blocking. Nothing says summer quite like bright vibrant hues of pink, green, yellow, and orange. A simple way to style sky blue is to color block with a bright color especially coral and green. I color blocked my sky blue denim skirt with a coral wrap front blouse, olive green jacket and tan shoes.

2. Prints and Patterns. Sticking with the concept of bright and vibrant colors, prints in a variety of styles plays well against the softness of sky blue. One of my favorite ways to style bright patterns with sky blue is with a pale blue tank as the back drop to the neon abstract print. I anchored this outfit with a light weight gray cardigan. I played up the bright pinks and oranges in the top with a pair of coral flats.

3. Neutrals. Neutrals always look good together. When it comes to pairing a neutral with a pseudo neutral, the pseudo neutral acts as the focal color. When pairing a solid neutral with sky blue, offset the two with a second color. For example, I like to pair a taupe short sleeve sweater with sky blue and an olive green jacket. Sometimes, I also like to exchange the olive green jacket for a navy floral print bomber jacket to add visual interest. For this outfit, I opted for the navy floral print bomber jacket.

4. Neutral prints. Neutral prints add visual interest to an outfit while making sky blue the focal color. The most common way to add a neutral print is through navy blue and white stripes. It is fun, visually interesting, and adds a simple monochromatic theme. Another way to play with neutral prints is with animal prints such as cheetah, giraffe, or zebra. One way to play up the animal print look is with a blush pink cheetah print blouse and tan shoes. Another way is by mixing prints. With this outfit, I paired a navy and cream top with my sky blue skirt and a pair of coral ballet flats.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Marvelous Magenta

Magenta is a fun, richer alternative to fuschia. It is bold, fresh, and feminine. Magenta transcends well through spring, summer, and early fall.
1. Florals. Floral printed tees and blouses are huge this season. For autumn a black blouse with a flower print in a complementary color scheme is a simple clean look. In spring and summer, a cream or white back drop with a clean bold floral print is popular and on trend. I kept this outfit simple and cool for the summer. I paired a teal floral print blouse with peach undertones with a pair of chambray inspired flats and a matching headband.

2. Animal print. A blouse in a snow leopard print coupled with a chocolate brown leather jacket will make you look polished and sophisticated. For a more causal look, a striped tee and a dark washed denim jacket looks just as polished. I kept late spring and early summer in mind when creating this outfit. I paired a black and white cheetah print tee with a pair of black lace up flats, a dark tan jacket, and a cream/pink/tan braided head band. For fall and winter it would be easy to swap the flats for boots and the jacket for a chocolate brown leather jacket.

3. Patterned blouses. Think beyond the standard polka dots, stripes, animal prints, and flowers. Reach for the abstract patterns. Painterly prints coupled with a bolder print in a scarf or head band adds visual interest. Pull the outfit together with a fabulous jacket and your outfit is perfect for day, evening, or work. I opted for a peach and lavender top to play up the analogous and complimentary color palettes with magenta. I tied it together with a gray cardigan, bold floral print head band and a simple pair of sandals.

4. Denim/Chambray. Dark wash denim dresses down a look on the weekend, while maintaining sophistication and class. A simple denim jacket with a plain or patterned blouse is easy, comfortable, and casual for a Saturday out. Likewise another simple, beautiful, and classy outfit is to pair a chambray blouse with a magenta skirt and a cute pair of flats. I decided to keep this outfit sweet and casual. I paired an aqua gray top with a hint of shimmer with a chambray button down shirt. I mixed my metallics by pairing a shimmery copper head band with the outfit. I then completed the look with a pair of sandals.