Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Nifty Neutrals: Dove Gray

Dove gray is a softer hue of charcoal with a sweet lavender undertone. Dove gray is primarily a neutral and therefore works well with all colors. Instead of showing you how to wear this sweet natured neutral, I will share my favorite ways to style dove gray.

1. Professional. I tend to wear gray as a gentler alternative to black, especially when it comes to interviewing. For an interview, I like to pair dove gray with a bright solid colored blouse, and a contrasting blazer. I recently wore this ensemble to a job interview. I paired my dove gray denim skirt with a bright coral blouse and an aqua blue blazer.

2. Monochrome with a kick. Generally speaking, I dislike monochrome outfits. However, when the monochrome is broken up with a pattern it takes on a more modern look. By adding pattern to both gradient and monochrome outfits, it not only breaks up the blockiness(my word)but it adds visual interest. With this in in mind, I I paired the dove gray skirt with a white and black polka dot tee and a pair of black shoes. To cap it all off, I added a charcoal head wrap.

3. Color. The color paired with dove gray depends heavily on what season is it. During winter jewel toned hues of cranberry, emeralds, and amythest. In spring, pastels of blue, mint, and pink. During summer, the brighter the better; hot pink, royal blue, magenta, and coral. During autumn, mellow tones of mustard, navy, and earth red are a few of my favorites. Since color translates well all year long, I created several outfits for both spring/summer and fall/winter.

Spring/Summer 1: I kept late spring and early summer in mind with this transitional outfit. I paired a dove gray denim skirt with a melon pink sweater, teal cardigan, and teal head wrap. To complete the outfit, I added a pair of beaded sandals.

Spring/Summer 2: I wanted something distinctly summer with this next outfit. I paired dove gray with a duck yellow short sleeve sweater and an apple green headwrap. I then completed the outfit with a pair of tan flats.

Fall/Winter 1: I got all gussied up for fall and winter with this outfit where I styled dove gray denim with a wine purple faux wrap sweater layered over a silver embellished layering tank. I added a bit more shimmer and some burgundy with a plaid scarf. To complete the outfit, I added a pair of black boots and a burgundy headwrap.

Fall/Winter 2: The final outfit for this section is about keeping it casual. I loved the idea of a forest green sweater with dove gray denim. I also loved the visual interest and texture that came from adding a faux fur vest over the forest green sweater. The outfit was made complete by adding black booties and a forest green headwrap.

4. Make it Casual. There is nothing quite like taking an outfit that can be worn primarily for work and dressing it down for the weekend or a fun day off of work. While adding a bit of denim is one way of dressing down dove gray, so is adding print or a fun, age appropriate, graphic print tee.

#1: I went ultra-casual by styling a dove gray denim skirt with a melon patterned tank under a chambray shirt. I complete the outfit with a pair of chambray inspired flats.

#2: For this outfit, I got tropical by pairing dove gray with a tropical teal tee with a sequined pineapple graphic. I layered the pineapple tee over a lemon-lime lace camisole. To complete the outfit, I added a bright coral headwrap and some chambray inspired flats.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Nifty Neutrals: Rust

Rust is a fantastic and little known neutral color. Normally associated with autumn this reddish-brown hue pairs well with a multitude of colors and prints. Depending on the colors and prints you pair with rust, this warm color can be worn through every season.

1.Neutrals. Neutrals look chic with rust. Now depending on what color you pair with rust with rust, it will change the overall concept of the outfit. Black paired with rust looks simple and chic, and very little embellishment is needed. Navy and rust looks not only chic, but very refined. Taupe creates a simple and dressed down ensemble. Finally, white is a great way to lighten up this warm color during spring and summer.

For this outfit, I paired a cream blouse with a rust denim skirt. I then added a black military style jacket. The look is completed with a black and white lace shimmer head wrap and a pair of black felt flats.

2. Colors. Colors and neutrals were just meant to go together. Purple and rust is a fantastic autumn ensemble. Want a vintage 70s look? Wear turquoise and rust. Turquoise is a great color to freshen up rust during the summer months. Paired correctly, turquoise does not have to look vintage, but can look modern. Teal and rust creates a sweet yet modern autumn look. Emerald green is a rich jewel tone that transitions well from late autumn into the winter months. Think mid-December, collecting pine cones or searching for a Christmas tree. Want to create stark contrast between color and neutrals? Wear bright pink. Want a sweeter look? Wear light pink or rose pink. Last but not least there is mustard. As I mentioned early, rust is often associated with autumn. A great way to play up this autumn inspired hue is to pair it with mustard.

For this outfit, I was inspired by the hues of late fall and early winter. I styled a rust denim skirt with a forest green sweater. I layered a charcoal gray faux leather jacket over the sweater. The look is completed with a pair of gray faux suede boots and a forest green head wrap.

3. Denim. Dark wash denim paired with rust is causal yet sophisticated. A fantastic look for either the late summer rodeo or the local pumpkin patch. Really want a cowboy inspired look? Pair rust with light wash denim.

This outfit was simply pure fun to style. I took this rust denim skirt and simply added a dark wash button down shirt with it. The outfit is completed with a pair of chambray inspired flats and a floral print head wrap for some visual interest.

4.Metallics. Gold and silver function like neutrals. They work well with everything. When paired with other neutrals like white, gold accessories help create a sophisticated ensemble. Silver accessories paired with rust will actually help to cool down and balance this warm hue.

Metallics are always fun to style. With this outfit I went with fall inspired tones by pairing rust with a gold lace sleeve blouse and wine velvet flats. I completed the look with a soft pink and cream braided head wrap.

5. Prints. Prints are fantastic with colored denim and neutral denim. Rust has the added benefit of looking great with neutral prints and color prints. When working with prints (and with solid neutrals) it is important to have a completer piece. Simply translated, a completer piece is an article of clothing- not an accessory- that pulls the outfit together. Some ideas of completer pieces are jackets, cardigans, and blazers. When adding a completer piece, create visual interest by pairing color with a neutral print and rust, or by pairing a color jacket, cardigan, or blazer that takes its ques from a color in the print of the to you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a teal and pink medallion print blouse, pair a peach or teal cardigan with your outfit.

While rust is associated with autumn and winter, I wanted to do something more in touch with springtime. I did this by pairing a rust denim skirt with a mojito mint short sleeve sweater which is layered under a chiffon navy floral print bomber jacket. To complete the outfit I added some silver sequin flats and a navy blue head wrap.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Park Denim Skirt: A Review

As a “skirt girl” finding a denim skirt that is comfortable, wears well, and is modest is quite the feat. While, I am a huge fan of Jade Mackenzie Apparel and their colored denim skirts ( and will continue to be), I am always keeping an eye out for other companies that sell modest skirts. Recently I purchased several skirts from a modest clothing company that focuses on tznuit- the Jewish practice of modesty. I had purchased from them several years ago, and decided to do so again. This time I purchased 5 of their park skirts in Rust, Dark Teal, Wine, Denim, and Dark Gray. In this review I am going to discuss fit, length, color, ease/difficultly of style, wearability, and price.

First off, I want to say that I am in love with these skirts. They are cute, incredibly comfortable and can be dressed up or down in a snap. Even though I spent a mint on these skirts, it was completely worth it. Here’s why:

Fit: The cut of the skirt in the waist band is smaller than most other companies. Under the “Park” denim skirt, they recommend that you size up in their summer colors. I sized up in their non-summer colors and was happy I did so. These skirts fit like a dream when I sized up- not too small not too large. Therefore, for their summer colors, I would highly recommend that you go two sizes up.

Length: Even though it says it is 25 inches, the length feels more like 26 to 27 inches; enough to cover the knees when standing and sitting. Perfect for keeping one looking modest and modern.

Color: the colors of the Park denim skirts are incredibly saturated. The saturation of the color in each skirt makes them all the more beautiful and easier to style. However, because they are so color saturated, I highly recommend that you wash the skirts on a delicate cycle and then line dry. Line drying will make the color and the skirt last longer. All of the colors are true to form, except for the dark teal. In truth the dark teal is more a deep emerald color. Please bear that in mind.

Rust: For this outfit, I paired this rust denim skirt with a saltwater blue blouse with a confetti print and a tan jacket. I completed the outfit with a pair of black flats and a charcoal head wrap.

Emerald (Dark Teal): I kept this outfit simple and sophisticated. I paired this emerald (dark teal that is) denim skirt with a black knit blouse, a pair of giraffe print flats and a copper headwrap.

Wine: I mixed prints in this outfit. First I paired this wine denim skirt with a charcoal knit blouse. I layered a black, white and gold metallic layering tank under the blouse. I paired it with some giraffe print flats and completed the look with a burgundy headwrap.

Charcoal (Dark Gray): This outfit is sweet, simple, and casual. I paired a navy and pink floral print blouse with this charcoal skirt and added a pair of tan pointed toe lace up flats. I completed the look with a soft pink headwrap that was similar in tone to the pink in the blouse.

Ease/Difficulty to style: Personally, I found that each skirt was fun and easy to style for work and play. This is especially the case for fall and winter. I have included a few of my favorite ways to style the rust, wine, dark teal, and dark gray.

Wearablility: The fabric content of the Park denim skirt is a cotton/spandex blend. This means that the skirts have a lot of give to them. This also makes the skirts light weight, difficult to wrinkle, and very very comfortable to wear.

Price: The price for each skirt is 38 dollars. Like I said a pretty penny. However, I find that the price is competitive with other companies and equal to the quality. You pay for what you get and you get excellent quality with the Park denim skirt. Therefore, I find the price to be quite reasonable.

If you are looking for a modest, excellent quality, denim or colored denim skirt then look no further than The quality and price of the skirt is hard to beat and you will not be disappointed with your purchase. The Park denim skirt will add interest, fun, and color to your wardrobe and can be easily worn to work or on a weekend getaway. The Park denim skirt is a wardrobe investment worth every cent.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Nifty Neutrals: Chocolate Brown

Brown is a good neutral color, and is often overlooked. Yet, as a neutral chocolate brown is often over looked and set aside for colors like black or khaki. Chocolate Brown creates a rich and sophisticated back drop for professional and causal outfits throughout the year.

1. Patterns. Chocolate brown plays well with patterns like stripes (colored or neutral), plaid, animal, and autumn florals. It acts as a canvas that makes the pattern pop.

Option #1: For this outfit, I paired a chocolate brown denim skirt with a pink and dark rose floral print blouse, and a cranberry cardigan. I completed the look with a pair of burgundy mary janes and a cranberry head wrap.

Option #2: I decided to style chocolate brown with a pale saltwater blue blouse with a confetti print. I played off the coral accent in the confetti print by adding a pair of red-orange flats. I completed the outfit with a mocha brown head wrap.

2. Color Blocking. Since chocolate brown can function much like burgundy, it goes well with most fall and winter colors such as holly red, pumpkin spice, sunflower/ mustard, jade, deep teal, and royal blue.

Option #1: I paired a cognac brown top with my chocolate brown denim skirt. I completed the outfit by adding a burgundy plaid scarf, nutmeg brown head wrap, and a pair of brown boots.

Option #2: I styled my chocolate brown denim skirt with a forest green sweater. I accented the outfit with a silver lace camisole. I completed the outfit with a pair of brown high heeled boots and a forest green head wrap.

Option #3: For this outfit, I paired a rust red tee and pumpkin orange jacket with a chocolate brown denim skirt. I completed the outfit with a tan head wrap, plaid shimmer scarf, and giraffe print flats.

Option #4: In this next outfit, I styled chocolate brown with a peacock blue blouse and a rust red cocoon cardigan. I complete the look with a blue head wrap and silver sequin flats.

Option #5: for the last outfit, I went all tropical teal. I styled my chocolate brown denim skirt with a tropical teal dolman blouse and matching layering tank. I finished the outfit with a pair of beaded sandals.

3. Neutrals. Chocolate brown, as a unique color, works well with neutrals such as white, cream, gold, olive, navy, black, and taupe.

Option #1: I kept the neutrals soft by styling a cream blouse with the rich chocolate brown. I added an light olive green jacket. For a pop of color I added a coral head wrap and red-orange flats.

Option #2: I played up blue in this outfit. I went for a short sleeve navy blue sweater and accented with a light blue lace camisole. I completed the outfit with a copper shimmer head wrap and a pair of silver sequin shoes.

4. Accents. Terra cotta, rose pink, silver, and cranberry are great for accenting your chocolate brown skirt when it is paired with other colors, neutrals and patterns.

Option #1: In this outfit, I paired my chocolate denim skirt with a short sleeve navy blue sweater. I accented with a terra cotta orange lace camisole. I then completed the outfit with a nutmeg brown head wrap and giraffe print flats.

Option #2: In this final outfit, I combined several elements. First I styled my chocolate brown denim skirt with a black and white cheetah print tee. I then accented the black, white, and brown with a deep burgundy lace camisole. The outfit is complete with a pair of black flats and a burgundy head wrap.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dressing for the Fourth without Looking Tacky

Let’s be real, dressing up for holidays is fun. However, there is a fine line between dressed up and tacky. Don’t believe me, think about the ugly Christmas sweater, overdone pastels and bunny ears, glitter and light up shamrocks, harvest applique orange and black sweaters. While we may chuckle at this, for some reason we don’t when it comes to the 4th of July. We let our tacky selves out and wear the stars and stripes all over our bodies. Tacky! We can dress fun and festive for Independence Day and we can do it without looking tacky. Here’s how.

1. Don’t wear the Flag. Just stop. Wearing the flag on any article of clothing is tacky. And yet there are maxi skirts and dressing with the flag printed on them. No. If you want to do stars and stripes, pick just one. If you’re going to do red and white stripes add a basic top or bottom, like denim to complete and ground the outfit. Same for a star print. An outfit I created was taking a burgundy and cream striped tee and pairing it with a dark wash denim skirt. I completed the outfit with a simple pair of sandals.

2. Accents. Make the colors of the flag accents to your outfit. For example, wearing a red skirt? Pair your red skirt with a white top. Accent with a pair of blue shoes or a cute blue headband. An outfit I created was to take a navy blue top and paired with a cream denim skirt. I completed the outfit with a pair of red flats.

3. Saturated Colors. The colors of the flag are what are known as true colors or the primaries. There’s nothing wrong with wearing true colors. However, if you want to grow up your look try saturated colors or jewel tones: instead of true blue go for royal blue or navy. Instead of true red go for burgundy. I created this outfit by pairing a deep red top with a navy blue skirt. I completed the outfit by adding a deep red head wrap and sandals.

4. Color Block. There is nothing wrong with color blocking. Red and blue contrast one another. Color block blue on red or vice versa. I reverted to true reds and blues for this outfit. Like I said, there’s nothing wrong with the true colors for the 4th of July. I styled a white denim skirt with a bright blue top and a red lace bodice camisole. I completed the outfit with a chambray head wrap and chambray inspired flats.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Nifty Neutrals: Army Green

Army green, sometimes called fatique green, is a deep hue of olive green. This green is far more common during autumn, however it is a neutral color and can be worn year round.

1.Yellow. Deep yellows, such as gold, sunflower, mustard are a fabulous contrast to earthy color of green. For this outfit, I styled army green with a taupe sweater, tan shoes, and a mustard yellow jacket. Perfect for early fall.

2. Neutrals. Even though army green is considered a neutral color, pairing it with other neutrals draws out the green and makes it the focal point of the outfit. Go for neutrals like gray, chocolate, and white. For this outfit, I paired Army green with a cream blouse, brown boots and a chocolate brown faux leather jacket.

3. Color Blocking. Color Blocking continues to be a popular trend. When it comes to color blocking, look for colors that pop and provide either contrast while creating cohesion. Coral, plum, teal, fuschia, and burgundy are fabulous colors which create contrast and cohesion.

Color blocking #1: For this outfit, I wanted to keep spring and summer in mind. I paired army green with a teal short sleeve sweater, and a pair of sandals.

Color blocking #2: With this outfit, I kept fall and winter in mind. I paired a burgundy and black blouse with my army green denim skirt. I completed the outfit with a pair of black flats and a charcoal faux leather jacket.

4. Patterns. Patterns work well with all neutrals. Some of the most common patterns to pair with army green are navy and cream stripes, jewel tone paisley prints polka dots, and navy and burgundy plaid. For this outfit I styled army green denim with a bright floral print tee, and a pair of chambray inspired flats.

5. Chambray. Actually, denim of any kind- dark or medium wash- works well with colored denim. One of my favorite ways to pair chambray and army green is by layering a contrasting patterned tank under a dark was button down chambray blouse. I kept this outfit weekend casual as I styled a melon pink printed tank under a dark wash chambray button down top with my army green denim skirt. I completed the outfit with a pair of chambray inspired flats.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Staying Cool and Modest in the Summer Heat

It is official. Summer is here and with it the heat. Stores across the country have been selling short shorts and barely there tops. The hotter it gets, the harder it becomes to find creative ways to stay modest, but to stay cool. No need to despair. While staying cool and modest takes a bit more creativity and a bit more effort, it is not impossible. I want to share with you some of my favorite ways to stay cool and modest in the summer heat.

1. Fabrics. Pay close attention to the type of fabric your clothes are made of. Reach for breathable and natural fabrics like woven linens, and cotton. Yes, they will take a light layer for modesty’s sake, however, they allow you and your skin to breathe and for your body to regulate its internal temperature. Avoid fabrics made from polyester and rayon. While silky, smooth, and soft they trap body heat and are not breathable.

2. Light Layers. Natural fiber fabrics will require layers. Sometimes we want to wear that cute tank top, but we want to stay modest without overheating. In skirts, look for skirts that already have a built in cotton slip. If a built in cotton slip is not available there are plenty of lightweight slips available to provide you with the necessary modesty. With tank tops, look for short sleeve cotton tees in a similar or complementary hue as the tank top. Also look for lightweight cardigans. Stores like JC Penney’s, Macy’s, Maurices, as well as department stores like Wal-Mart are well stocked with short sleeve, lace, and other lightweight cardigans.

3. Colors. While I like the concept of wearing certain colors all year round, there is a reason for wearing brighter and lighter colors in the summer and darker colors in the winter. Darker colors retain heat and absorb heat faster than lighter colors. Before reaching for the black denim skirt in your closet, first consider the white, light gray or khaki skirt first.

4. Swimwear. This is one trend in modest fashion that is quickly on the rise. Yet, it is one that is slowly being discussed by fashion bloggers. Modest swimwear exists! If you are a water loving, boating, water sport fan and enthusiast, or you simply want to hang out at the pool, there is a modest way to do it. We no longer have to struggle to cover ourselves at the pool or avoid it all together. I have compiled a list of websites that sell modest swimwear for you to copy and paste into your browser.

The Klassy Girl Boutique:
Dainty Jewells:
Wholesome Wear:

A note on Skirt Lengths: Never compromise skirt length for the sake of staying cool. Wearing modest skirts in the summer is easy. Simply consider color, layering, and fabric content. Normally, I wear denim skirts with maxi skirt variations all year round. If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time , you know that 90% of my wardrobe is made of colored denim skirts that fall about an inch to two inches below my knees. At this time of year any knee length denim skirt works perfectly. Longer skirts are also perfect for this time of year, like this palm frond maxi skirt

or this coral striped maxi skirt.